1 La Mar

1 La Mar

Everything you could wish for when it comes to fish and other seafood: an array of cebiches and tiraditos, tasty platters hot and cold, griddled, soups, rice dishes, pastas, and classics revisited. La Mar is Gastón Acurio’s fabulous brainchild, a place where seafood, tradition, and a sly creativity are combined into a contemporary, cosmopolitan homage to the old-school cebiche restaurant.


The astonishingly fresh cebiches and tiraditos, the mythical chita a la sal, and oceangoing versions of dishes such as the seco or the cau cau have made this restaurant a standard bearer. Yaquir Sato, in command of the kitchen, continues to rewrite history, keeping the legacy of his father, Don Humberto, as alive as ever.


A seafood restaurant that has forged its own style: always contemporary, always fresh, worldly and yet ever so Peruvian. The menu invites guests to savor their time here with a carefully selected wine —whether by the bottle or by the glass— or one of the many cocktails on offer, all in a playful, relaxed atmosphere.