1 Siete

1 Siete

Impeccable and appetizing with a style all its own: this description perfectly captures the food at Siete, the Barranco restaurant owned by Ricardo Martins. With a clear reverence for the classics, the chef adds his own personal, creative touch to each dish using ingredients from around the world and intriguing combinations of flavor and texture. The delicious cocktails and unique atmosphere are perfect for sharing a special experience in good company. A true Summum.


Chef Pía León —Virgilio Martínez’s partner in both life and vocation— offers up a surprise with Kjolle, a creative endeavor whose specialties celebrate the biodiversity of Peru and its ingredients. With talent, enviable technique, and her own special sensibility, she has created a menu that highlights the origins of regional Peruvian components.


This restaurant offers a refined yet casual experience, with exquisite pizzas cooked in a clay oven, flavorful charcoal-grilled specialties, a wide variety of cocktails, and delicious breakfast options. An original kitchen and workshop combination created by Chef Jaime Pesaque, 500 Grados is turning up the heat in Lima’s culinary scene.

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