1 Hotel B

1 Hotel B

Grabbing a great drink in good company is always an agreeable experience, made even better by a lovely ambiance infused with art, sophistication, and a bohemian spirit. Ever since it opened its doors, Hotel B has garnered attention for its own special style and the gorgeous Barranco mansion in which it is located. Its interesting selection of cocktails and wines do the rest of the work.


Cocktails, wines and champagnes, and delicious tapas and original specialties are all part of your attraction, a mandatory stop for those seeking the best of Lima’s nightlife. The excellent music sets the mood, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.


Cala’s bar and lounge has all the ingredients of a Summum: the spectacular ocean view and exquisite cocktails here are an ideal match for the incredible menu of house specialties. Life is undoubtedly better by the sea, the nights livelier and more convivial.

  • 27 Tapas

  • Barra 55