1 El Pan de la Chola

1 El Pan de la Chola

While the artisanal bread is the foundation of this café and bakery, the coffee here is just as important. The standout is their La Chola Blend, a combination of varietals from coffee-producing areas in the departments of Cajamarca, Amazonas, and San Martín. El Pan de la Chola got its start thanks to a keen sense of curiosity and a craving for truly well-made bread, obtained through hard work, research, and constant experimentation, as well as the ability to appreciate the simple things in life. In 2011, they opened their first establishment to the public, a “very basic bakery and a counter serving bread and coffee,” before expanding their locations and their menu.

Ideal for anytime. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon over a coffee, there’s no place better than La Bonbonniere, where you can order an espresso or cortado, a classic americano, a mocha, a cappuccino, or a sophisticated Irish coffee accompanied by amazing desserts and savory treats in a cozy atmosphere. The café is almost like a little piece of France in Lima, due to its style as well as the long-running French influence found in its culinary offerings.


While many things have changed since San Antonio opened its doors in 1959, its dedication, quality, and excellent service remain intact. Its slogan -“the tradition of yesterday, the technology of today, and the same quality as ever”- serves as a letter of introduction for this legendary restaurant/café, which reinvented itself as a small self-service establishment during the pandemic before eventually reopening completely, proving that leadership is key.