1 La Bonbonniere

1 La Bonbonniere

The exquisite taste of Marisa Guilufo and the creativity of her son, Chef Coque Ossio, are the recipe for success at La Bonbonniere. The charming atmosphere and perennially friendly service here provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a menu that offers options for any time of day: breakfast, lunch, teatime, or nighttime. The only problem, and a delicious one at that, is deciding what to order.


Artisanal bread is the star here, and baker Jonathan Day has created a universe of options to accompany it, bursting with sweet selections and novel combinations. Authentic flavors and fresh ingredients are the true standouts, earning a faithful legion of fans.

The charm of the dining room and the terrace, with its view of the heart of Miraflores, provide a perfect accompaniment for enjoying delectable breakfasts, European and Peruvian dishes with a unique twist, exemplary cocktails, and the finest desserts.

  • Café A Bistro