1 La Mar

La Mar

1 La Mar

La Mar combines tradition with modern techniques, offering a unique, unsurpassed culinary experience. A relaxed, well-lit atmosphere greets guests, hooking them with a wide-ranging and varied menu full of temptations, from cebiches and tiraditos with Creole, Eastern, or classic touches to black clams from Tumbes and aphrodisiac sea urchins, not to mention highly cherished sole, bonito, mackerel, and tuna, all freshly plucked from the sea by industrious, burly fishermen. La Mar brings freshness, passion, and creativity to its celebration of the sea’s daily offerings. You’ll be sure to return again and again.


Costanera 700, by the pioneering Nikkei cook Humberto Sato, captivates with its fusion of flavors from the Far East and Peru, combined into a culinary symphony. The works of art here, created with select, well-balanced ingredients featuring fresh fish and seafood, translate into memorable tartars, sashimi, cebiche, sudado, and rice dishes, direct from sea to table… Not to be missed.


Rafael Osterling’s iconic restaurant El Mercado takes fresh, seasonal ingredients and sets them on the table transformed into glorious dishes, both hot and cold, but always divine. In a leisurely, jovial atmosphere, guests may even run into a friendly Osterling manning the bar as they fall under the spell of the relaxed ambiance and the intense flavors of his curries, causas, cebiches, and numerous fusions.

  • Chez Wong