1 El Charrúa Restaurante Parrilla

El Charrúa

1 El Charrúa Restaurante Parrilla

El Charrúa Restaurante Parrilla is an authentic little Uruguayan spot in Peru where connoisseurs and devotees of grilled meat and steak find true glory. The cuts are impeccable; from succulent T-bone steaks to tender roasts, each mouthful is a surprise for the tastebuds. The seasoning and doneness are precise, highlighting the meat’s natural flavors. The atmosphere is cozy, and the service is friendly, ensuring that the culinary experience here is a memorable one. El Charrúa is a mandatory stop for anyone looking to enjoy authentic Uruguayan food and grilled meats of unparalleled quality.


Its focus on U.S.-raised Aberdeen Angus, with the Certified Angus Beef seal of quality, is sublime. Every cut is a masterpiece of flavor and texture. Carnal’s menu features other products imported from far away, such as the coveted Alaska king crab and lobsters from Maine and the Caribbean. The staff are perfect guides to the wonders on offer, as well as the select wine cellar and cocktails, forging a first-rate culinary experience.


Juicy fillets, flavorful top sirloin cap, tender ribs; everything is a true explosion for the senses, from the parade of dishes constantly leaving the kitchen in the hands of the staff and the uninhibited aromas of the meat, to the flavors and textures savored with delight by guests. The cozy, rustic atmosphere at El Hornero is perfect for enjoying the generous portions, while the friendly, attentive service caps off the experience, guaranteeing an unforgettable time.

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