1 Titi

1 Titi

In the late 1950s, William Chan Lau and his wife Juana Chin decided to go into the food business at a time when everyone thought it was the worst possible decision. They set up shop in a tiny restaurant in Lima’s Chinatown. Three generations later, the setting has changed to a spacious location packed with guests where Titi has ably maintained its essence, the mystique and traditions passed down from parents to children, not to mention its spectacular flavors and dishes steeped in subtlety and elegance.


At Shi-Nuá, or “Chinois” as the French would say, the well-known classics of Chinese cuisine are given a bold new twist thanks to ingredients and techniques with hints of Europe and the Americas, as well as other parts of the Far East. The ambitious undertaking is a sensory experience that astonishes guests with its creativity and audacity in combining flavors. The wagyu & foie gras shumai is just one example among many.


Hou Wha means “welcoming home,” and this restaurant certainly does justice to its name. Passion and commitment play a key role in the dishes made by Chan Sam and his family, who have captivated palates with the freshness of their ingredients and the perfect balance of flavors. House specials include the crab claws, Peking duck, and the shrimp roll with oyster sauce, douchi or mianchi.

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