1 Isolina – Taberna Peruana

1 Isolina – Taberna Peruana

José del Castillo is the creator of Isolina, Taberna Peruana, which opened its doors in 2015. Its atmosphere evokes the taverns of yesteryear and the homemade food that brings us such sweet memories. The name is a tribute to his mother, who taught him so much as he worked alongside her for many fruitful years. A mansion built in 1906 is home to this restaurant, where guests eat heartily, sharing food and laughter. Grandmother’s recipes, bounteous stews, and a festival of flavors in the best tradition of Criollo cuisine.


At El Bodegón, stories are woven, memories are made, life is shared. The walls, filled with photos old and new, are the keepers of secrets, providing the setting for a daily tribute to Criollo cuisine where nothing is left to chance. The everyday star dishes -the manchapecho de sopa seca with carapulcra or the dúo caricia with cau cau and patita con maní- are suggestive names that awaken our minds and whet our appetites. Each dish on the menu is not to be missed, bringing family and friends to the table with new and zestful offerings.


The staff are undoubtedly the heart of Panchita. They even say so themselves: they carry the Criollo spirit in their veins and a tradition of celebration in their souls, which translates to a warmth that is felt as soon as one sets foot inside the door. What comes next is a culinary journey through everything Peruvian, where each dish is a reunion with old memories of happy gatherings around the table. With two locations in Lima and a third in Santiago, Chile, Panchita has earned a place for itself among Peruvians and foreigners alike.