1 Ámaz

1 Ámaz

The Peruvian jungle is the star of the year in this Summum category. Our guide on this tour is Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who reveals to us the region’s exquisite and unprecedented flavors and exotic ingredients. A great aficionado and defender of the Amazon and its native foods and flavors, Pedro Miguel has turned the menu at ámaZ into a roadmap of this region, allowing us to savor it, enjoy it, and revel in its surprises.


For anyone looking for the embassy of Chiclayo’s criollo flavor in Lima, all roads lead to Fiesta. Chef Héctor Solís has continued his family’s tradition of fantastic food while adding his own generous touch of creativity, all with an ever-present respect for the quality and sourcing of his ingredients. The result is always a delight.


Northern Peru has its own special secrets, and so do brothers Fernando Antonio and Fernando Arturo Vera-Horna. With exceptional dedication and an unmatched flavor inherited from their mother and grandmothers, they have turned the preparation of arroz con pato, espesado, and wide range of seafood dishes into pure art.

  • El Rinconcito Arequipeño

  • Ventarrón Restaurante Chiclayano & Barra

  • El Characato de Oro