1 Fiesta Restaurante Gourmet

1 Fiesta Restaurante Gourmet

Chef Héctor Solís’s iconic restaurant Fiesta is a symbol of Chiclayo-style northern Peruvian cuisine that stands out for the quality of its ingredients, fresh products, and presentations. The classic ceviche, the sábana-cut beef with tacu tacu, the tender and flavorful arroz con pato, or the whole kid goat with all the fixings are unrivaled options that will have you coming back again (and again) for more. A culinary jewel of the Peruvian north!


Over thirty years ago, the Vera Horna brothers—both lovers of great food and excellent cooks in their own right—set out on an adventure and founded Don Fernando, a cozy restaurant in Jesús María specializing in traditional northern Peruvian dishes. The wide-ranging menu offers delicacies such as black clams, arroz con pato, arroz con cabrito, fried guinea pig, and much more. Here, the homemade seasonings delight diners with each mouthful. A memorable experience for the senses.


El Rocoto is an homage to Arequipa’s cuisine. As the custodian of age-old techniques and traditional flavors, its wide array of offerings include such iconic dishes as stuffed rocoto pepper, Arequipa-style ocopa, cuy chactado, and malaya dorada. Tricks of the trade, years of experience, and highly refined senses have allowed the restaurant to develop its own style while keeping the essence of Arequipa-style cuisine alive.