1 Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet (Lima)

1 Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet (Lima)

Chiclayano cuisine has found a worthy representative in Fiesta, where respect and tradition, flavor and experience are plain to the eye and palate in each dish that is laid on the table. The causa norteña, the chinguirito with guitarfish, or the abundant cabrito en salsa de seco, puro loche, and cilantro are all options not to be missed, available right in the heart of the district of Miraflores.


Blanca Chávez, the undisputed ambassador of Arequipeño cuisine, has run El Rocoto for nearly four decades, achieving a happy marriage between old recipes, her own personal flair, and an unyielding tenacity. Although she never suspected El Rocoto would become a touchstone for Arequipa-style picanterías, Chávez put everything she had into her iconic restaurant, which stands out for her special seasoning, the shrimp dishes, the ocopa, the rocoto chili peppers, and the daily special chupes.


At Huancahuasi, regional dishes from Huancayo play the leading role, although there are also options from Arequipa and Cusco, too. The integration among different regions that Paola Palacios has so successfully achieved is reflected in an extensive, well-thought-out menu where nothing has been left to chance. With two locations in Lima and one in Pachacámac, Huancahuasi welcomes guests, whether they are loyal followers or first-timers, with delicious stews and ingredients prepared to perfection.

  • La Paisana

  • El Rinconcito Arequipeño

  • Rinconcito de Tiabaya