1 Maido

1 Maido

“Over the open flame, a dialogue occurs, elements duel with one another, opposites attract,” says Mitsuharu Tsumura—or “Micha,” as he’s known to friends—the chef and owner of Maido and ambassador par excellence of Nikkei cuisine. Passionate, curious, and observant, Micha combines Japanese techniques and ingredients with elements of Peruvian cuisine to create symphonies of flavors that one never imagined existed. An experience to be repeated ad infinitum. Maido has earned a spot on the exclusive list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


Fusion, commingling, energy. Osaka delivers the most sublime flavors. All the senses are awakened and start to quiver with anticipation upon the arrival of dishes that look more like works of art, the result of over a century of synthesis. The long-running cultural exchange between Peru and Japan has created strong bonds between the two nations, allowing for infinite possibilities in many fields, and Osaka is one of the bastions of the culinary art. No sooner have guests taken a seat at the table than they are swept away to the best-hidden corners of both Orient and Occident.


Creativity, mastery, and years of experience have taken Hanzo to the next level, making the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine into an artistic concept in which diners discover its flavors—some subtle, others explosive, always divine. The menu boasts a variety of ingredients, including freshly caught fish and elements both fresh and exotic, such as algae, ginger, Japanese onions and yuzu, oyster sauce and crispy quinoa, crab, salmon, and tuna. A true source of stimulation for the most demanding of palates.

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