1 Maido

1 Maido

Every dish at Maido is an original creation blending the Japanese and Peruvian influences of Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura. With precision and creativity, Chef Micha combines ingredients, textures, colors, and flavors, all with a presentation so meticulous the food become a work of art. A complete experience that has captivated gourmands from both Peru and around the world.


A contemporary offering that has earned its place among the best with a fusion of Japanese cuisine’s elegant simplicity and Peruvian culinary traditions such as cebiche. The restaurant’s inventive cocktail menu and impeccable service are just a few of the other key ingredients that go into the fabled “Oskaka style.”


Well before the phrase “Nikkei cuisine” had even been invented, Humberto Sato was already combining Japanese and Peruvian influences at Costanera 700, fusing the best of both worlds into a delicious mixture. A classic that has maintained its style and quality over the years, surprising guests with new inventions.

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