1 Rafael


1 Rafael

A Republican-era house, updated with attention to every last detail, is home to the iconic restaurant Rafael, which opened its doors back in 2000. The food, featuring a mixture of knowledge, techniques, passion, and daring, is always certain to stir the senses and inspire pleasure. Each dish is a masterpiece that transcends borders, reinterprets flavors, and plays with the infinite possibilities that only experts and visionaries like Rafael Osterling are able to fully grasp.


Astrid y Gastón is a mandatory stop on any culinary tour of Peru. Located in the beautiful Casa Moreyra mansion, an old estate whose history dates back to the remote past, the restaurant’s spacious patios, private rooms, terraces, and gorgeous garden are the perfect setting to try the perfect menu. Founded by Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche, the restaurant promotes Peruvian cuisine by placing renewed value on its dishes, with a menu that is constantly being refreshed, surprising guests with innovative offerings.


Central, named the best restaurant in the world, offers a spectacular culinary experience, caring for every detail. The creator is Virgilio Martínez, who oversees a committed team and the Mater Iniciativa research center, whetting appetites and evoking curiosity. The culinary approach is to connect, recognize, and place renewed value on ingredients, traditions, and techniques, “focusing on constant movement and respect for the transience and seasonality that the soil imposes on us”.