1 Rafael

1 Rafael

The elegance and attention to detail found here start in the kitchen, where these qualities are transfused into the restaurant’s spellbinding dishes. Amidst a striking collection of contemporary art, Rafael transcends borders to combine the flavors of Asia, the Mediterranean, and Peru, reinvented in intrepid and original offerings. The guests are royalty in this space where painstaking care has been taken with everything, absolutely everything. Because Rafael adores perfection.


“Culinary traditions from all different eras and every corner of Peru are reunited in our kitchen with a new perspective.” Creative, bold, playful: thus is the culinary style of Astrid & Gastón, which opened its first location in 1994 on Calle Cantuarias. Every dish is served with a little piece of Peru, the country with which the restaurant’s owners and namesakes, Astrid and Gastón, have long been utterly enamored.


At Central, powerful inspiration is found in a curiosity for all things Peruvian. Thanks to the Mater Iniciativa research center, the team at Central has developed a culinary approach that seeks to learn about and draw attention to our country, with its unique ingredients, culture, and tradition. Every dish is a story, a journey, an invitation to wander through Peru and discover it. Each and every day, Central -one of the best restaurants in the world- shows exactly why it deserves its imposing reputation. Today Central ranks second on the exclusive list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants