1 Rafael

1 Rafael

Early on, Rafael was known for its distinctly Mediterranean focus with hints of the most varied and exotic cuisines. Over time, it started to incorporate Peruvian elements into its style—ingredients, recipes, recollections, and flavors—and the result has earned it a place as a Summum. Through it all, the contemporary, creative approach of Rafael Osterling has remained a constant.


Virgilio Martínez travels the regions of Peru, finding and cataloging the most diverse ingredients from each one of them. With reverence and unrivaled commitment, he has forged a creative and innovative cuisine, an offering that is like a journey of flavors and textures leading us toward the very origins of culinary science.


The diversity of Peru’s ingredients and culinary traditions serve as inspiration for the food at Astrid & Gastón. A contemporary approach that commemorates the flavors found in the recipes of yesterday, today, and always, reevaluating local ingredients and telling new and exquisite stories through each one of them.