1 Jerónimo

1 Jerónimo

Inspired by the world of street food, Chef Moma Adrianzén set out to explore recipes from other continents. The result is a creative approach that has gradually come into its own without losing the originality and freshness that make this restaurant continue to surprise. A traditional paella or a classic dessert are reinvented Jerónimo-style, offering us a definitive experience.

What is the best place to enjoy eggs benedict, a cheese and truffle focaccia, or a salmon teriyaki? La Bonbonniere, without a doubt. The refined menu takes us on a tour through the flavors and recipes of the world, where the final destination is always pure bliss. Also on offer is a choice selection of Peruvian specialties.


Although this restaurant made its name as a tapas bar with a great wine selection, its sights are set on something much more ambitious. La Cucharita has become known for its hall and terrace where diners can savor the best of Spanish cuisine, making for a delightfully unique night out. Also open for lunch.

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