1 Baan

1 Baan

Francesca Ferreyros made her dreams come true by giving local diners a closer experience with the cuisine she had enjoyed so much on her travels through Southeast Asia. Baan, which means “home” in Thai, got its start as a delivery brand in August of 2020, offering an auteur cuisine inspired by Asian flavors and Peruvian ingredients. In December of that year, Ferreyros opened her restaurant so she could share her passion for the culinary arts and charm her guests.


Inspired by the flavors of the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean, and beyond, the “streetcorner” cuisine at Jerónimo transforms simple into sophisticated and good into great. Amidst delicious conversations and a laidback atmosphere, Jerónimo reinvents cuisine and achieves a level of excellence beyond all expectations. To name just two examples, there are the oysters in leche de tigre with smoked ají amarillo chilis, or the tuna and guacamole cones.

A classic. In 1953, a French couple founded La Bonbonniere, which is still going strong today at its original location on Calle Burgos. After Marisa Guiulfo bought the brand in the 1990s, she and her son Coque Ossio gave the menu a new twist, infusing it with their own special secrets and experience while maintaining the spirit of French cuisine and patisserie that is so clearly on display in their onion soup, Lima-style minestrone, or their peerless crème brûlée. Flavors from near and far.