1 Osaka

1 Osaka

A warm, sophisticated ambience defines this establishment, where the fusion and intermingling of two ancient cultures occurs through food. Osaka thrills our senses not only with its delicious dishes and subtle flavors, but its accents of wood and meticulously designed layout, providing the perfect setting in which to display its works of culinary art.


This restaurant sits amidst an exceptionally accomplished natural setting, with terraces and other spaces that look as if they had been taken straight from a fairytale. Fauna strikes a balance between farm and table to create the sensation that we are dining right in the middle of nature. Flowers, plants, fresh air, and picturesque figures all work together perfectly to delight the restaurant’s guests.


With a large, comfortable terrace with plenty of space to move around, El Mercado is the ideal place to enjoy whatever fruits of the sea are in season. If there are no tables available, the long bar with its row of people and a view of the stunning grill is perfect for watching the staff’s efficient and good-natured bustle as you enjoy the restaurant’s offerings and let out a happy sigh.