1 Osaka


1 Osaka

An oasis of elegance in the heart of Lima, Nikkei restaurant Osaka seduces us with its formal yet welcoming ambiance. The mixture of traditional materials and modern design creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for a luxurious dining experience.

El Mercado

One of the charms of El Mercado is the natural lighting that bathes every corner of the establishment, while the tables full of exquisite dishes, so diverse and colorful, enchant diners. An “aura of year-round terrace dining, with a beach-like atmosphere from midday to sunset,” as Osterling puts it so well.


At Mitsuharu Tsumura’s culinary sanctuary Maido, everything is designed to add its own special touch. In an atmosphere that combines art and sophistication, each dish is a masterpiece sure to delight eyes and tastebuds alike. A place where every last detail has been carefully thought out, with the goal of awakening our senses and transcending the commonplace.