1 Osaka

1 Osaka

A restaurant’s ambience is that seductive extra ingredient, sometimes elusive and other times unattainable. When it is captured, however, it truly makes a difference, beguiling guests and ensuring an exceptional experience. Osaka seems to have discovered the secret, earning its spot as Summum voters’ favorite in this category for the third year in a row.


An informal, yet always chic style. A place with colors and textures that inspire relaxation and comfort, while the excellent music sets the pulse and all sense of time disappears. With an ambience that is always in vogue, El Mercado is Lima’s most original seafood restaurant.


Its unbeatable location on the coast of Barranco gives this restaurant a special vibe and an unmistakable atmosphere. Cala is the perfect place to enjoy a fantastic lunch, a dinner for two, or an evening out with friends. A single locale with different spaces and endless reasons to celebrate life.