1 Perroquet / Bar Inglés

1 Perroquet / Bar Inglés

One of Lima’s most iconic bars, the Bar Inglés is renowned for its pisco and a long list of auteur cocktails that make this cozy space one of the city’s most popular. Indeed, it would be hard to put a price on the time spent in its pure English-style setting. And of course, there are snacks and appetizers on hand, as well as mellow, charming music to soothe the soul. Without a doubt, a true Summum.


Notable for its “outside-the-box” thinking and its ability to surprise, Carnaval Bar offers both classic and conceptual cocktails inspired by worldly travels. Here, old standbys are reinvented and new offerings burst with creativity and daring. In The Ice Room, a one-of-a-kind space in Latin America, they make ice according to strict quality standards using reverse osmosis, because ice is not just an ingredient; it is the soul of a cocktail. Ranked on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


Cherished by locals and visitors alike, the bar at the Hotel B shines for its creative cocktails, menu design, and artisanal spirits. The innovation on display in its menu captivates, advocates, and charms. The drinks, made with native ingredients and seductive liqueurs, each come in their own special glasses, like the now-legendary La Candelaria, which features liqueur, honey, huacatay mint, and other marvels.

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