1 Maido

1 Maido

At Maido, the excellent food is complemented by impeccable service. The staff members, always attentive and rigorously trained, guide us on an exceptional culinary journey, passionately explaining each dish in detail. The personalized service here is sure to make visitors feel special.


From the moment you walk in, the staff at Costanera 700 will welcome you warmly and make sure your every need is promptly taken care of, all with a smile on their faces. Their expert recommendations and knowledge of each dish will enrich your visit, making sure you receive the best possible culinary experience.


The experience at Osaka aims to provide enjoyment for all the senses thanks to the restaurant’s first-rate service. The staff—attentive, professional, and meticulous in offering recommendations—heightens the culinary experience, which is a true marvel of its own.