1 Sapiens – Cocina de fuego

1 Sapiens – Cocina de fuego

The most recent creation of the versatile and dynamic chef Jaime Pesaque focuses on open-fire cooking, with a range of grill-based offerings classified according to different ingredients (meat, seafood, vegetables, and rice dishes) and types of fuels used to stoke the fires (firewood, charcoal, deseeded corncobs, and herbs). The charcuterie features local products such as alpaca, duck, or paiche (an Amazonian fish), as well as traditional curing methods. It’s almost like a journey back to the origins of humankind in the middle of the twenty-first century.


Auteur cuisine inspired by Asian flavors with Peruvian ingredients; this is the concept captured by Francesca Ferreyros at Baan, where she achieves a surprising balance between East and West in dishes such as wok-fried rice with Taiwanese-style braised pancetta, poached egg, and soy sauce, or her min pao—steamed buns filled with short ribs in massaman curry. And the surprises don’t stop there. There are also the grilled scallops with citrus miso and chalaquita sauce. All combinations not to be missed.


Troppo welcomes its guests to the iconic 1940s mansion in the heart of San Isidro it calls home. Here, chef Andrés Morón with years of experience in the culinary world, spends his days recreating recipes with Italian ingredients and making artisanal pastas that are paired with wines imported from Italy. All good things in moderation, they say, but everything here is too delicious to heed that advice.