1 Hotel B

1 Hotel B

Since 2013, this boutique hotel has operated in an old mansion in Barranco built in a Belle Époque style, offering fusion cuisine and a variety of areas for both daytime and night. An absolute must, where the cocktails, menu designs, and artisanal spirits have been turned into an art. It’s true what they say: the best nights, whether jubilant or lowkey, always start with a glass in the hand and an appetizing dish on the table.


The Bar Inglés is historic, traditional, and the site of many an anecdote. Above all, it is an incredibly intimate meeting spot. Ever since it opened in 1927, this bar has been an iconic part of not just the Hotel Country, but of twentieth-century Lima. Luiggy Arteaga is in charge of creating and recreating cocktails of the highest quality. Served alongside scallops, tequeños, carpaccio, causas, and other ambrosias, everything here is just perfect. A classic among classics.


A wide selection of champagnes and wines make this sanctuary the perfect place to spend a pleasant evening listening to good music. The menu is rich in possibilities, with dishes and cocktails to please all tastes. Located in the heart of San Isidro, Bottega Dasso entices guests to come back for another dish or drink, served with the same warmth and attention to detail as always.

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