1 Chicha por Gastón Acurio – Arequipa

1 Chicha por Gastón Acurio – Arequipa

Regional food made with seasonal ingredients, traditional recipes, and an indispensable touch of adventure make the offerings on Chicha’s menu a feast of flavors. A gorgeous eighteenth-century mansion provides the backdrop for the hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment of each person involved in every dish, with highlights including the alpaca, trout, guinea pig, and of course, the rocoto chili peppers and shrimp.


Mónica Huerta is a legend. She is the picantera or cook who brought ocopa to school in her lunchbox, the one who carries a traditional batan mortar and pestle everywhere she goes, the one who works to revive old techniques, and the one who has made La Nueva Palomino into a shrine to the best Arequipeño food, where she continues in the tradition of her grandmother, her mother, and her aunts. Located on a traditional, picturesque street in the district of Yanahuara, La Nueva Palomino pays tribute to the potent fermented corn beverage known as chicha, which is an essential ingredient in many of the dishes here.


Based on a fusion concept that combines traditional Italian cuisine with touches of Arequipeño food, La Trattoria del Monasterio, located inside the gorgeous architectural complex of the Santa Catalina Monastery, delights guests with its risottos, fresh pastas, shrimp, and rocoto chili peppers, all served in a cozy setting where everything on the table is a true joy for the palate.