1 Chicha


1 Chicha

Chicha is a place where culinary tradition, age-old techniques, and a passion for local ingredients meet. The restaurant celebrates the richness of Arequipa’s food, paying tribute to local cooking and highlighting the wisdom passed down from one generation to the next. Each dish is an homage to the region’s culture, the hard work of local farmers, the experience of distinguished cooks, and the ingredients and products that, when combined to perfection, are almost capable of transporting us to another world.

La nueva Palomino

The traditional Arequipa-style picantería par excellence, La Nueva Palomino exudes tradition and passion in every nook and corner. Its dishes, served in large portions with an unmatched knack for seasoning, showcase experience, love for the earth, and secrets carefully kept by three generations of strong women. Every bite of the unsurpassed cauche de camarones, the mandatory stuffed rocoto pepper, and the irresistible ocopa al batán transmit something of the city’s telluric surroundings.


Alfonso Núñez is the creator of this culinary oasis in the heart of Arequipa, located across from the historic Santa Catalina Convent. The offerings here are attractive and novel. Naan bread, ham, and craft beers, wood-fired sourdough Neapolitan pizza, a variety of starters ideal for sharing. The architecture is also a gem, with the white sillar stone, brick voussoirs, wood, and light creating the perfect setting in which to captivate tastebuds.

  • La Benita de Characato