1 El Tambo de Tacama

1 El Tambo de Tacama

Wine and pisco accompany Criollo and regional dishes in a countryside setting. At El Tambo de Tacama, the house specialties hold guests in awe in an attractive location that combines all three components of wine tourism: the vineyard, the winery, and the restaurant itself. You won’t leave without learning at least a bit about Peru’s winemaking culture.


Strategically located on the Panamericana Sur highway, El Batán offers a menu as lavish as the restaurant’s comfortable, spacious facilities. Its varied Peruvian and international offerings include delicious local dishes from Chincha, like carapulcra with sopa seca and pork, among other filling options that will charm guests from the first mouthful.


Located amidst splendid, thriving vineyards, El Intipalka restaurant offers a culinary experience for all the senses. House specials such as the Lima bean salad (starring a traditional local ingredient), the carapulcra with sopa seca, and the slow-cooked short ribs and ossobuco pair perfectly with sublime sunsets and enthralling wines and piscos to warm us up.

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