1 El Tambo de Tacama

1 El Tambo de Tacama

With its hacienda house style and an ambience as welcoming as Ica’s weather, El Tambo de Tacama offers exquisite Peruvian and criollo specialties, as well as international dishes with a local flair, featuring traditional ingredients such as lima beans and pecans. The finishing touch is added by Ica’s renowned wines and piscos. At El Tambo de Tacama, celebration goes hand in hand with the house’s famous pisco sour.


With its friendly service and a wide array of delicious dishes, desserts, and cocktails, El Batán has won a place in the hearts of its faithful clientele. Located in Chincha Alta, this locale is the perfect oasis for travelers looking to take a break from their journey and experience El Batán’s dazzling flavors for themselves.


One of the main attractions here is the spectacular view of the vineyards. Another is the gourmet menu full of regional, international, and fusion dishes, with highlights including the traditional carapulcra con sopa seca and other novel creations. The excellent service at Hotel Viñas Queirolo complements the experience.

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