1 El Tambo de Tacama


1 El Tambo de Tacama

At Tambo de Tacama, Peru’s first center dedicated exclusively to wine tourism, the vineyard, winery, and restaurant complement one another perfectly, sustained by a briskly flourishing wine industry. The restaurant offers a menu that fuses Criollo and regional influences, with different specialty dishes every weekend. At the bar, the selection of wines, piscos, and cocktails is astonishing. The experience is completed with wine and pisco tastings and a pleasant tour of the surroundings.

El Batán

El Batán, located on the Panamericana Sur highway in Chincha, is a restaurant whose long history has earned it a faithful crowd of enthusiastic followers, all while continuing to win new fans with every bite. The dishes parade across the tables in an unhurried but constant flow, whether cold or steaming hot, with their generous portions and divine aromas, in a spacious, well-kept dining area. The service is quick and attentive, and the staff are always ready to make any visit to El Batán the perfect roadside pitstop.


The Intipalka Restaurant at Hotel Viñas Queirolo is a culinary treasure in the middle of Ica’s vast vineyards. Its menu, which pays homage to Peruvian cuisine, also explores international options, as well. There is something for all tastes, with the best of Peruvian and international food, not to mention time-honored local ingredients like Lima beans. Topping off the experience are the house wines and classic pisco cocktails, as well as other regional specialties.

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