1 Fitzcarraldo Restaurant Café Bar

1 Fitzcarraldo Restaurant Café Bar

An Iquitos classic. An irresistible place with a view of the Itaya-Amazon River and a menu ranging from traditional to contemporary with something for the whole family, from breakfast through dinner. But Fitzcarraldo is not only a beautiful place. Located at Calle Napo 102, it offers everything from fresh grilled fish with tacacho to more playful creations like Amazonian gazpacho accompanied by a radical vodka tonic with tabasco pepper and sachaculantro, or “jungle cilantro.”


A floating marvel on the Amazon River, this is the first and only restaurant of its kind in this part of the jungle, specializing in regional dishes, fish, and grilled meats with fresh, local ingredients from the Amazon jungle and river. Its colorful cocktails and beverages are truly epic, as are the pleasant moments one spends at this cozy location.


With a focus on healthy eating, this restaurant is known for its juices, sorbets, shakes, and special extracts (with over forty-five combinations), as well as vegetarian options and dishes with no artificial flavoring. They use filtered water for their ice, coffee, tea, soups, and more, and they make their own plant-based milks, freeze their fruit, and have pioneered the use of many native ingredients.

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