1 La Patarashca

La Patarashca

1 La Patarashca

The perfect place to try the best Amazonian cuisine from the San Martín region, La Patarashca has kept local culinary traditions alive. Its approach is based on a “farm-to-table” ethos highlighting local ingredients. The extensive menu includes options such as the chaufa nativa rice, the classic palm heart salad, the tacacho de plátano bellaco, the patarashca mixta, and much more. The restaurant preserves the rustic charm and classic design of many of the buildings found in the jungle, with large windows making for a fresh, breezy atmosphere.

Al Frío y Al Fuego

Al Frío y Al Fuego is a floating culinary paradise in Iquitos, right in the heart of the jungle. It offers regional cooking based around fresh, local ingredients that will leave guests in heaven, as well as international dishes for more conservative tastebuds. With a carefully designed menu, Al Frío y Al Fuego complements its food with cocktails and other beverages for all tastes.


Fitzcarraldo, inspired by Werner Herzog’s 1982 film of the same name, is a restaurant with a cozy, peaceful atmosphere that invites guests to explore more and enjoy life. Its culinary offerings highlight exotic regional ingredients such as the paiche fish, lizard, collared peccary, cecina, ají chili peppers, and Amazonian fruits. Each dish is an adventure of spectacularly novel flavors, piquing our curiosity and inspiring us to spend more time traveling around the region.

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