1 Romano Rincón Criollo

1 Romano Rincón Criollo

The dishes on offer here are the result of several centuries of coexistence between traditional regional and Spanish cuisines, right in the heart of Trujillo. Founded on March 4, 1995, Romano Rincón Criollo soon went from being a modest dream to conquering its visitors’ palates. The menu, with over four hundred options, offers traditional dishes with duck or kid, the not-to-be-missed shámbar, and of course, plenty of seafood.


They say that if you visit Huanchaco without going to Big Ben, then you really haven’t made the most of your time there. With a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean, the restaurant offers the best of Criollo cuisine and seafood dishes, from classic cebiches and causas to the heaping parihuela. The cangrejo reventado, or “exploded crab,” warrants a special mention of its own.


On Calle de Cien Fuegos, this restaurant has been cooking with passion since 2006, using the best seafood, tender meats, and Peruvian seasoning. Squalo’s has an impressive array of offerings as bountiful as their portions. The service is excellent and the restaurant is renowned for its staff’s friendliness. Variety is truly the spice of life.

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