1 Al frío y al fuego

1 Al frío y al fuego

While the jungle has always had something enigmatic about it, there is no mystery as to why Al Frío y al Fuego has taken the crown once again as Loreto’s best restaurant. Should any more reasons be needed, its fantastic floating locale—including a terrace with a view of the river and a pool—and its creative use of regional ingredients are more than convincing.


In the warm and hospitable city of Iquitos, anytime is a good time to stop by Fitzcarraldo. A restaurant, café, and bar, all in one centrally situated location, it captivates visitors with its delicious specialties featuring regional ingredients, its coffee, its cocktails, and its pleasant atmosphere.


Whether you’re looking to enjoy breakfast outdoors, treat yourself to a peaceful lunch, or relax as the sun sets over the jungle, Amazon Bistró is the perfect place. The menu here is an inspired combination of French recipes, local ingredients, inventive sandwiches, and Peruvian flavors.

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