1 First Place


A passion for perfection, the painstaking care that goes into each detail, and a creative exploration of flavors are all hallmarks of Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s cuisine and its evolution. With his own personal style that has earned Maido a place on lists of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world and Latin America, Chef “Micha,” as he is affectionately known, continues to surprise guests and outdo his own self, all while remaining down to earth. A tireless chef, proud of his Nikkei heritage, who learned his trade in the United States and Japan before returning to Peru to do what he loves most: cook. Maido once again earns its place at the head of the Top 10, solidifying its status as a true Summum.



Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura

Kind of food:

Japanese and peruvian-japanese cuisine


Calle San Martín 399, Miraflores


446 2512
447 7554