1 Osaka

1 Osaka

The atmosphere at Osaka almost seems like a reflection of the perfect balance that defines the harmonious combination of flavors in the sushi here, or the mix of freshness and personality found in a well-prepared ceviche. Modern yet classy, stylish and cozy, elegant but vibrant, the restaurant offers the ideal atmosphere for enjoying its exquisite Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.


Oh, the warmth of wood, leather, and brick! The cozy glow of the lighting highlights the works of contemporary art hanging on the walls, creating a charming setting for a meeting with colleagues, a relaxed chat with friends, or a romantic dinner for two.


Who says seafood restaurants can’t be fashionable? Of course they can! El Mercado is the perfect example. A relaxed yet lively spot, with an atmosphere that is somehow both bohemian and chic at the same time, Rafael Osterling’s seafood restaurant perfectly captures the owner’s cosmopolitan flair.

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