1 Isolina – Taberna Peruana

1 Isolina – Taberna Peruana

The tavern concept evokes good conversation, a pleasant atmosphere, and of course, many a joyous toast. Isolina offers all that and more. Chef José del Castillo has turned his locale into a space where shared platters of food, good cocktails, and criollo recipes from the Peruvian coast—several of which he has rescued from nearly being forgotten—make each moment a celebration of Peru and its wonders.


The result of Gastón Acurio’s creativity and Martha Palacios’s prodigious passion and sense of flavor, Panchita continues to surprise. Criollo cooking with a unique style, where exquisite anticuchos, sancochados or secos pay homage to the criollo tradition.


Home cooking in its finest form: arroz tapado with egg, locro, Peruvian minestrone, butifarra. “There is no better place to eat than at home,” according to some, and El Bodegón proves that homemade flavor can be replicated in a cozy restaurant with spectacular results.