1 Maido

1 Maido

Being one of the top restaurants in Peru, Latin America, and the world means that standards are always high at Maido, and this restaurant just keeps getting better. The same exigency and quality that make Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s spectacular culinary creations stand out can be found in the attention and service lavished upon visitors as soon as they walk in the door, offering an unmatched experience for every single guest.


Has forged its own style with its Asian-Peruvian fusion while striking the balance between the sophisticated and the casual. In keeping with that mood, the excellent service offered by the team here has earned a well-deserved place on several occasions among the best in this Summum category.


The tasting menu here is a work of art, and serving it perfectly poses a true challenge. Each step has its exact moment and place, linked closely with the drinks and the diner’s own pace. As such, it is no surprise that Central’s cutting-edge offerings also come with impeccable service.