Producer of the year

Elver Castilllo

The glorious flavor of cebiches and pisco sours —identified with Peruvian food itself by many around the world— would not be possible without the Key lime, renowned for its juicy freshness and marked acidity. It is to this fruit, so closely tied to our cuisine’s most famous recipes, that Elvert Castillo Ávila has dedicated years of hard work and unceasing effort.

Born in the town of La Totora, in the department of Tumbes, in northern Peru, Elvert Castillo’s family life has always been closely linked to his work in the fields. While fate had a few brief detours in store for him, along other paths and in other occupations, he has always come back to what he knows and loves most: sowing and harvesting, the magic of watching fruit grow and coaxing from the earth the best it has to offer.