1 Troppo

1 Troppo

Rocío Madueño and Jorge Fernandini finally witnessed their dreams come true when Troppo opened its doors, ready to regale its customers. The classics of Italian cuisine -artisanal pizzas, pesce piccata, and a wide array of pastas- stimulate the senses and surprise diners with generous and appetizing culinary offerings that do justice to the restaurant’s name: everything here is too good, too subtle, too delicious. That’s Troppo: an explosion of Italian flavors in Peru. You couldn’t ask for better.


Arroz marisquero with prawns and scallops, gnocchi al pesto (buoni, genuini, vegetariani, as they say), and an original take on tiramisu. La Trattoria Di Mambrino takes guests on a journey through la bella Italia with a view of the Pacific thanks to the exciting, mouthwatering flavors found in novel recipes and old secrets, all in a culinary experience where tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand.


Osteria Convivium casts a spell on those who gather round its tables. Amidst a subdued and refined ambiance, we find the best that Italy’s ever-generous cuisine has to offer: carpaccio, pizza, pasta, meat and fish alla griglia follow one after the other with joyous fanfare, accompanied by a long but select list of wines and unique cocktails. Undoubtedly a delight for the palate and a balm for the soul.

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