1 Mária Almenara

1 Mária Almenara

At Mária Almenara, everything looks appetizing and there’s something for all tastes. Its main location opened its doors to the public in 2017. The bakery is adjacent to its production area, with big picture windows providing a view of the delights being created inside. The favorite here is the chocolate cake, perfectly moist with abundant fudge, but the window displays also minimárias, bruselina cake, meringue cakes, and cheesecakes, all with decorations fit for a party.


Dolce Capriccio’s guiding purpose is to bring joy to its customers during celebrations and other special moments spent with family and friends, making them unforgettable. This bakery undeniably achieves all that and more. Its desserts are based on recipes with hints of homemade classics. Cakes, pies, cake rolls, cheesecakes, coffee, and more parade across the tables and disappear in bite after exquisite bite. A “sweet craving” indeed.


A longstanding Lima tradition for over six decades, the San Antonio bakery attracts old and young alike. An ideal place to celebrate, meet up with friends, or get an energy boost from a coffee and a good dessert: strawberry milhojas, magdalenas, alfajores, ice cream… Everything is delicious here. San Antonio is one of those classic, welcoming places that has earned itself a loyal customer base. A legend.

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