1 Granja Azul

1 Granja Azul

In 1950, 'pollo a la brasa' was invented using a blend of tradition, mystique, and a seasoning that has traveled round the world. The site of this innovation was a countryside restaurant in Santa Clara known as La Granja Azul, which continues to operate even today. With the hustle and bustle of the modern world, La Granja Azul decided to venture into the city and open a new, modern location in 2020, adapting to the ways of twenty-first century life without losing any of its essence.


Driven by dreams of the chicken they used to eat every Sunday when they were kids, the Madueño siblings and their cousins came up with a secret recipe and opened their first location in 2016, determined to shine a spotlight on their pollo a la brasa. Whether served with French fries and a salad, sweet potato waffle fries, or onion rings, their chicken is among the best around, inspiring devotion among its fans. At Primos Chicken Bar, everything stays within the family: the big Peruvian family.


This new offering from Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura reinvents the traditional, 100% Peruvian pollo a la brasa. After starting out as a dark kitchen, it now has a popular Miraflores location. The tori—Japanese for “chicken”—can be ordered with fries made from Peruvian potatoes, together with the traditional salad and ají chili sauce, or accompanied by an arroz chaufa, spices, and other Peruvian ingredients. “There are thousands of ways to make a plate of pollo a la brasa,” says Micha, “and we want people to have their chicken just the way they like it.”