1 Primos


1 Primos

Crispy, juicy chicken bursting with flavor. The Madueño family’s creations capture the essence of our passion for one of the great classics of Peruvian cuisine, and they do so with excellence. In addition to the succulent, tender pollo a la brasa, Primos Chicken Bar offers a wide-ranging menu of burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, as well as the mandatory desserts. Its locations, dotted throughout various districts of Lima, are the ideal destination for those looking to have a good time and eat like royalty.

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La Granja Azul

La Granja Azul, the birthplace of authentic pollo a la brasa, will always occupy an important place in the Peruvian culinary scene. Rooted in tradition, the iconic restaurant has received countless accolades for keeping the essence of this national dish alive. Whether at the legendary Santa Clara location or the more recent San Isidro establishment, we will always find ourselves surrendering to its unmistakable, inimitable aromas and flavors.


With its innovative approach to the traditional pollo a la brasa, Tori highlights the country’s diversity and the many ways this dish can be served, with a choice of sides including 100% Peruvian French fries, salads, and a range of ají chili sauces with Peruvian ingredients, as well as arroz chaufa, novel flavors such as tamarind and ponzu, and other secrets.