1 Hotel B

Hotel B

1 Hotel B

Franco Hurtado is the executive chef behind the culinary approach at this exclusive restaurant. In his dishes, prepared with seasonal local ingredients sure to delight diners’ senses, we find influences from a range of regional cuisines. Paintings and photographs of all sizes adorn the walls of the different rooms, from the breezy, welcoming patio to the elegant main dining room, not to mention the library, with an intimate atmosphere perfect for teatime.


Located in the small Miguel Dasso shopping center in San Isidro, Bottega Dasso offers a fantastic Mediterranean culinary experience. The place has become a local favorite, open every day from breakfast until well into the evening. A wide array of salads, burgers, pastas, risottos, meat, fish, and seafood festoon the tables on a daily basis, leaving diners hungry for more.


Lively, festive, fun—that’s Carnaval Bar, from prestigious Peruvian bartender Aaron Díaz. Díaz is known for the creativity and daring of the conceptual cocktails on his carefully prepared menu, each one heavenly and utterly unlike anything else. Visitors can opt from among the Peruvian twists that Aaron offers, such as the negroni with tropical banana and pineapple, although nothing can outshine the star of the house, an homage hidden inside a lantern, made with gin, pineapple, lime, and witbier.