1 Chicha


1 Chicha

“Chicha is synonymous with regional food, where each location’s ingredients, traditions, and culture are highlighted thanks to rigorous culinary technique and responsible business practices with local products and farmers.” This is how the extraordinary chef Gastón Acurio introduces his iconic Cusco restaurant, strategically located on Plaza Regocijo, just a block away from the city’s main square. A masterful combination of flavor and tradition, heightened by creativity, experience, daring, knowledge, and an immense love for Peru.


Cicciolina captivates guests from the moment they set foot inside. The original décor, with large bunches of ají peppers and garlic, baskets full of corn cobs, and enormous, colorful flower vases awaken the senses and invite us to discover new flavors, new sensations, new tastes. In this restaurant “with soul,” as they so aptly put it, the experience of going out to eat becomes part of a larger whole, where food and wine are fused with the ambiance, making a meal here something fantastic: an ode to diversity.

El Huacatay

Under the watchful eye of the talented chef Pío Vásquez de Velasco, El Huacatay has garnered recognition as one of the region’s most innovative restaurants. This homey, welcoming refuge invites guests to relax and enjoy the good life, tempting us with a menu that features regional products like quinoa, papa nativa potatoes, trout, and alpaca meat, which are transformed into creative, novel offerings sure to bring a smile to your face.

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