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Gastón Acurio: The Trailblazer

Cuisine unites Peruvians in a shared sense of pride and faith in ourselves,” Gastón Acurio once said, without imagining that he would one day become the public face of the Peruvian culinary revolution, eventually earning a place in our collective memory as the architect of the country’s gastronomic boom. Since inaugurating Astrid & Gastón in Lima in 1994, Acurio has opened more than forty restaurants in over ten countries. In 2012, Summum awarded him well-earned accolades for introducing Peruvian cuisine to the world, while in 2018 he received the Lifetime Diners Club Achievement Award from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. His cooking and his life story have transcended borders, and he watches today the latest generation of chefs emerge with pride in a job well done.

2 Virgilio Martínez, number one in the world
3 Mitsuharu Tsumura, pereverance and vision