Lifetime Achievement

Marisa Guiulfo

An artist whose raw material is style, the best banquet organizer in Peru, a woman who has made a true art out of combining fine food and flawless service; even such superlative descriptions fall short when it comes to Marisa Guiulfo and her exemplary career.

While living in the United States, she learned to cook using the Peruvian recipes sent to her by her mother, before going on to discover the cuisines of the world. After returning to Peru, she started serving food at birthdays, celebrations, and dinners. And the rest, as they say, is history.

She was the driving force behind the rebirth of La Bonbonniere, a classic that she infused with her own style and a fresh attitude. More than anything, however, her name is a celebrated synonym for spectacular feasts and banquets in which every last detail is guaranteed to be exquisite.