Best classic restaurant

La Granja Azul

With over seventy years of culinary tradition, La Granja Azul pioneered the popular dish that won over Peruvians from all walks of life. A perfect combination of seasoning and marinade on the humblest of poultry, cooked slowly over charcoal and served with ever-present potatoes. Who would have imagined that the essence of what is now practically a national religion could be found hiding within such seeming simplicity?

We owe it all to Roger and Rosita Schuler. Back in the 1950s, in the district of Ate, they used their ingenuity and a bit of luck to turn their farm -with its unmistakable blue buildings- into the birthplace of the perfect combination of ingredients. The tradition continues even today at the restaurant’s Santa Clara and San Isidro locations, where current owner Rafael Picasso continues to make history.